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About us

Men have greeted one another with a handshake for hundreds of years. The gesture began as a sign of good faith between two enemies. Now, it’s how we say hello to a friend. Our goal is to give you the best barbershop experience you’ve ever had. The best haircut. The best shave. But more importantly, this is a place for all men to put aside their differences and gather together. It’s a place for conversation and laughter. It’s a place for fathers and sons to make a memory: a place where little boys will learn how to become men. It’s a brotherhood.

So grab a haircut, get a shave, shop around a little- but before you leave, shake another man’s hand. Look him in the eye, tell him you’re glad to see him, and make sure he knows we’re all in this together.

- Drew Godfrey, Master Barber & Owner